Contribute a story to my new book - "Bumpy Roads and Tip Top Sandwiches"

Following on from my first book "Eggs With Soldiered Toast Buttered Well" that collected the memories from Australians that grew up in modernist homes I am collecting a new series of memories - this time about the Aussie road trip. 

Sticky Golden Gay Times in the backseat, hours of staring out the window playing I Spy and the constant nagging "are we there yet?" Memories of the excitement as the motel hatch opened with your tray of Tip Top bread and Vegemite.

I would love to hear your stories about your family road trips, summer holidays at beach houses or ski trips for my new book “Bumpy Roads and Tip Top Sandwiches."


Please fill out the box below and attach any family photos you might have from road trips, motels, beach houses or ski trips. Images are optional as I will illustrate what your memory conjures up. Enter as many stories as you like.

Thank you 

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